How to Get Started

We can’t wait to hear from you. We are here to answer any of your questions.  You can reach us in a couple of ways.  You can call our office at 770-817-0181, ext 117 and our friendly staff will gather some initial information and background from you.  From there, one of our therapists will call you to discuss your or your family’s communication needs.  If your concerns are about your child’s communication or academic learning, you may also choose to complete the Parent Questionnaire and one of our therapists will call you to talk with you about your concerns.

What to Expect

Our speech therapy practice treats young children, elementary, middle and high school teens and young adults.  Individuals or parents seek our assistance for a variety of communication needs. For this reason, the path to and through treatment may look very different for each individual or family.  But, here are some general steps you can expect as you begin working with us.

Before therapy begins:

  • Gather information:  During our first phone call or meeting, our speech therapist will discuss with you your concerns and reasons for seeking our help.
  • Complete a client history:  We will ask you to complete a client history packet.  This provides background information and valuable insight and information to our therapists prior to an evaluation or therapy session.

During the Evaluation:

  • Schedule Evaluation sessions:  If, after talking to our therapist a speech-language/communication evaluation is needed, we will schedule 1-2 evaluation sessions. An evaluation may include standardized assessments, informal tasks, and always some fun with a purpose that the therapist will select to help discover more about your child or teen’s strengths and challenges.
  • Analyze the results:   Following your evaluation sessions, your therapist will compile all of the notes, scores, video and audio recordings that she has gathered and will analyze the results.
  • Compile a comprehensive evaluation report :  Your therapist will then prepare a comprehensive evaluation report detailing the specific results-both strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Meet with parents or caregivers:    A meeting to review the evaluation results will be scheduled.  Your therapist will meet with you to review the comprehensive evaluation and make recommendations.  If the evaluation determines that treatment is warranted, a treatment model and schedule for therapy dates will be discussed.

Ongoing Therapy:

  • Begin Sessions:  Treatment sessions vary in amount  of time and frequency depending on the age and specific goals and objectives.
  • Transition into Therapy:   Therapy will include new experiences. It is not uncommon for a child, a teen or a parent to experience at least some level of tension between the known and the unknowns of therapy. Try not to stress about this new adventure. Our experienced therapists will know how to help your child or teen transition into therapy and build a foundation for success.
  • Commitment to Therapy:  A commitment to a slow steady path in therapy is so important. The foundations of communication are typically acquired throughout childhood -over a number of years, with constant reinforcement and opportunities to practice – and it takes time and practice to restore and bring on new skills. We are completely invested in helping your child gain new skills and are honored to be trusted with this work.
  • Reviews of Goals and Objectives:  Your child’s goals and objectives will be reviewed periodically and adjusted as milestones are met.

Communicating with your Therapist:

  • A portion of each treatment session is spent with the therapist meeting with the parent or caregiver for feedback on session accomplishments and home programming.
  • Therapists are available to our clients by phone or email for brief questions.  Longer appointments with caregivers are available and will be billed accordingly.

Get Started with Communication

Fill out this questionnaire so we can best serve your needs.

If you have any questions, reach out to us: Call 770-817-0181 or send us a message.


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