Succeed Social at Essential Communication

    Succeed Social at Essential Communication

    Social Communities to Improve Social Cognition

    Succeed Social is a program for late elementary, middle school, teens and adults to enhance the development of their social cognition skills and practice their Social Thinking ® skills in a supportive, developmentally appropriate group therapy environment.

    What are the Benefits of Succeed Social?

    Social community members will participate in creative sessions and will learn various approaches, including Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® approach to:

    • Understand the perspective of others
    • Think Flexibly
    • Enhance Critical Thinking Skills
    • Develop Organizational Skills and Executive Function
    • Enhance social skills both in the classroom and at home
    • Build independence and self-advocacy
    • Awareness of emotional expression

    Who Should Attend Succeed Social?

    Adults, teens and late elementary or middle school children with solid language and learning abilities who are looking to enhance the development of their social cognition skills should attend Succeed Social.

    • Children, teens or young adults who struggle with making and keeping friends.
    • Those who use humor at the wrong times or blurt out.
    • Teens who are being taken advantage of by their peers every day, or those who remain alone throughout elementary, middle or high school
    • Students who may be struggling in school.
    • Adults challenged by social interactions at work in both verbal and written exchanges.

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