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Guiding the development
of speech, language
and social communication skills

Navigating a child's unique speech and language needs may feel overwhelming to any parent. Our speech language pathologists, based in Atlanta, Georgia team with families all over the southeast and the world to guide them in overcoming speech, language and social communication impairments that their children face.

Whether a child's communication impairment is due to an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), speech and language delay, apraxia or other disorders, our experienced speech therapists will help the child develop the necessary articulation, comprehension, expression and social communication skills to experience success at school, home and in the neighborhood. When a child meets with success, there will be many more to come.

Janice Guice, M.A., CCC-SLP recently published an article in Autism Advocate magazine (Winter 2012-13 issue.) Click here to read her article “Communication that Facilitates Relationship & Thinking Abilities”.